What's up w/
Paradigm Shift Productions?

We're excited to be part of the greater Hamilton community as we try to do our part to make a small difference in the world!

The Origin Story...

How endeavours get started can be a curious and interesting thing.  Sometimes it's an intentional outcome, a result of serious brainstorming with a set goal.  Sometimes it's those innocuous moments that kick-start something unexpected.  Paradigm Shift Productions was definitely the latter.

We were hosting an old friend of Jen's for a few days, a professional musician who had transformed herself from a singer/songwriter focus to an incredible Gaelic singer.  When she said she'd love to play a show in Hamilton one day it got us thinking.  We mentioned the idea that we would love to have her play at Jen's church and donate the profits to charity, and that was that.

Suddenly a couple of well-intentioned people, with no event management experience (and with a little help from our friends of course), were off and running...

We hope you'll join us on the journey! - Jen & Steve

The rest of the Paradigm Shift Productions story...

Once the idea to hold a concert was hatched, and began to grow, we talked about whether this was just a thing we would do one time, or whether we would want to keep doing stuff.  Stuff meaning raising money for local charities and community groups.  The concept of future events took hold quickly, and we decided to call ourselves something.

The initial brainstorming involved Jen and Steve, along with input from a friend of Jen's who wanted to help with the concert.  After a bit of back-and-forth banter, Steve said he really wanted us to try to make a small difference by changing the current paradigm. A paradigm shift, as the saying goes.

Ta da.  Slight variants were tested aloud and then Paradigm Shift Productions (PSP) was born.  And given that we intend to continue running events, we took it to the next step and registered ourselves as an official not-for-profit corporation. Our vision is to periodically run fundraising events, be that a concert (à la event #1), a special film screening, a silent auction, a beer festival, a cycling challenge, or ???

We are open to ideas, so don't hesitate to contact us!  If you are interested in getting involved somewhow that's amazing too - learn more about how you could help make a difference!  As we said, we won't be doing it alone - not even close - but here's a little overview of who Jen & Steve are.

A little more about us...


Hello! My name is Jen Reid. Throughout my life, I have been committed to social justice and change. I was both an activist and a museum educator in my twenties, which led to a career as a teacher. Throughout my career, I have worked to empower children through the integration of social justice into the curriculum. I believe in the power of collective action, and am on the executive of my local union.

I am a mother of three amazing boys, and I do my best to raise them to care about others. In the current state of the world, with all of its brokenness, I am eager to share my thoughts and ideas as I seek to create change and make a difference. In the future I will put 'pen to paper' and write a blog to go alongside the one my cofounder is writing.


Hey! I'm Steve, and I'm fed up with the status quo.  A love of nature, coupled with a personal sense of right and wrong that developed without a lot of grey area, led me to certain life-choices, including becoming vegetarian and both volunteering at and working for environmental not-for-profits.  I fill my non-PSP time designing websites and editing books that focus on social justice and inclusion.

My strong opinions about the inequities in the world have grown over time, and I firmly believe that kindness and compassion have to start at the top.  To me that means changing how government works for us, so I loudly advocate for a shift to a system of Proportional Representation.  My blog, Pebble in the Pond, is about my experiences, opinions, and belief in making a small difference that can ripple outward to others.

Want to make a difference too?

As we mentioned, we don't come from an event management background, so everything is learning on-the-fly.  We are open to people giving us ideas or suggestions or requests for events.  We are open to people playing a role in making them happen.  We are open to people suggesting local charities or community groups that would be worthy recipients of whatever funds we can raise.  We are open to people donating items or services we can use in a silent auction.  We are open to people donating space to host events.  We are open to . . . well you get the idea.

  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  

Well said Margaret Mead!  And yeah.  We know it's one of those ubiquitous quotes, but it just kinda fits us.  After all, this isn't a full-time job for either of us, so building into a larger group of concerned citizens feels critical.  Our expectation is that the events will be sporadic - however, the planning and discussing may be ongoing, so please get in touch at any time.  And thanks for wanting to make a difference too!