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We work to present a diverse range of events, fundraising for a diverse range of local charities and community organizations. Here's what's going on, or did already!

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November for NESKANTAGA
"Cook & Care": Helping a First Nation Community

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This fundraiser is a variety of events, some virtual and some in-person.  Check the event description for more information.

Event Date & Time

Saturday, December 12, 2020
5:30pm - 7pm

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Event Description

Ticket Information

You can get your tickets for the Virtual "Cook & Care" by visiting our "November for NESKANTAGA" events website.

Fundraising Recipient

Neskantaga First Nation Community

Event Overview

This is a multi-pronged fundraising effort. So far the events included an online silent auction and a trivia night at Wave Maker Brewery.

The event breakdown is as follows:

Virtual "Cook & Care" Cooking Lession - Lori, from All SaucedTM Intoxicating Recipes is hosting a virtual cooking class using Birch Bark Coffee.  In this glimpse into how a professional works, Lori will even reveal how she spices her amazing Bees & Beans Skillet Chicken.

Get your ticket here!

Being held Saturday, December 12th, 5:30pm.

Online Silent Auction - This was a lot of fun, and a resounding success. Featuring 59 different items, ranging from smaller items from local craft breweries right up to an amazing fitness membership and more package, lots of people got in on the bidding and helped raise lots of funds for the Neskantaga community.

Held Saturday, November 21st through to Sunday, November 29th.

Trivia Night - hosted by Jimmy "The Quizzard of Oz, trivia night at Wave Maker Brewery was, as always, a ton of fun.

Held Thursday, November 19th, 7pm.

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